Renovation over window replacement

For a home, presentation is key, especially if you are looking to sell the property or perhaps make a good impression on your neighbours. Sash windows stand out in this respect as they add value by making the property look very elegant. At David Humble we operate across Northumberland to provide excellent window craftsmanship and help owners to retain their beautiful windows.

Leaky and inefficient windows account for more than 25% of energy bill costs according to the U.S Department of Energy. Sadly simply replacing the windows can cost you even more money. Our sash window restoration service offers the perfect solution; it is both a cost effective option and can deliver incredible improvements in efficiency.

Our work involves taking windows that show signs of damage and deterioration and turning them into ones that look brand new. We use a perimeter sealing system to take them out of the frames from the inside, avoiding the unpleasantness of climbing up ladders to reach difficult openings.

The sealing system is highly recommended to everyone with older properties as it can prevent draughts and dust getting in, eliminating problems such as condensation, and simultaneously improving efficiency.

If your window has suffered broken glass we can repair it by removing the beads first followed by the sashes. Once free the panes are removed and repaired or replaced if necessary. We use recycled glass when we can to retain the originality. In addition, over a ton of natural resources are saved in the process, helping to protect the environment

We take every precaution to make sure that our renovations last as long as possible. This includes offering the very highest standards of workmanship. We offer a free survey to anyone who is unsure about the state of their windows, delivering an accurate cost for the repairs alongside our recommendations.

If you would like help retaining your sash windows please contact us to arrange a service. We can work on all kinds of properties, including listed period ones.