Restoring and modernising traditional windows

One of the most important parts of restoring an old property is retaining character. These properties tend to have their own unique style and features, from the windows and doors, to the stairs and wall panelling. These should be retained wherever possible. This can make the project more challenging, but the benefit and the value at the end of the day will make it worth it.

Windows are amongst the trickiest aspects of the property to work on. Restorers will always want to maintain the original windows, but this can leave the building lacking modern conveniences like double glazing. The plan needs to be considered very carefully because fitting modern uPVC windows to a traditional property when you try to maintain the other features can look unsatisfactory.

There are several ways to maintain the appearance of original windows and still enjoy the benefits of double glazing. In some cases the frames can be adapted so that double glazed units can be fitted. This depends on the strength and condition of the original frames. It should not be done if it going to look strange.

A second, and often more favoured alternative, is to opt for secondary glazing. This technique involves adding an additional pane of glass in the colder months of the year but sticking with the single pane in warmer ones. Many people like this option because it means they can keep the original handmade glass rather than switching to a modern one that won’t refract the light as nicely.

Sash windows are one of the most treasured styles of traditional windows. Restoring them can be a big job though because there can be issues with the frame, the pulley mechanism to open them, the panes and the draught protection. Luckily skilled specialists can save them in most cases, even if it means replacing rotten parts of the frame. They can be double or secondary glazed when required too.

At David Humble we specialise in sash window restoration in Northumberland, and we strive to help property owners maintain original features whilst simultaneously improving their performance and efficiency. We use specialist techniques to remove panes from windows quickly so that they can be restored quickly. At all times we ensure we maintain the appearance of your sash windows.