Choosing restoration over replacement

Sash windows are beautiful features which should be looked after, especially on period properties that want to retain their original character. Many property owners chose to replace them with modern ones when they get damaged or need restoring, but this could be a bad move for several reasons. If the existing windows are made from quality wood, they can be saved and continue to provide years of service whilst also maintaining the originality of the property.

The aesthetics are the biggest advantage of this kind of window but build quality is a major asset too. Traditional timber sash windows were made by tradesmen by hand and built in individual segments. This meant they were of excellent quality, so if properly cared for they could last for over 100 years. On the other hand, modern UPVC materials are easier to look after but have a shorter lifespan, typically lasting between 20 and 40 years.

Restoring windows is also good for the environment. Although many timbers can be recycled, old sash windows will usually be thrown in landfill rather than saved. The UPVC varieties are also worse for the environment because their production process creates a higher carbon footprint. They are also not biodegradable.

The biggest advantage of UPVC windows is that they are low cost, but repairing a traditional window will typically be cheaper than replacing them with modern ones. You should also take longevity into account; professionally restored windows made from high quality wood will last much longer than plastic ones.

Property owners who are trying to decide whether to repair or replace timber sash windows should consult a specialist first to get a quote for the restoration work. This will help you to determine which option is the most cost effective but remember to consider the long term value each option offers. If you want further advice about sash window restoration in Northumberland, please contact us. We can return windows to their best, maintaining the character of properties and letting owners continue to enjoy the original features.