Restoring double hung sash window

When it comes to windows, none match the level of elegance that a sash possesses. Having been in use for hundreds of years, the style has stood the tests of time and remained a favourite option. As with all other windows however, they are not immune to degradation. Specialising in providing sash window restoration in Northumberland, we are the ones to call if yours could do with a bit of treatment.

Windows have a considerable impact on your home’s outlook. If you invest in some brand new, highly functional variants like the sash, it will make the place almost feel as good as new. Aside from the aesthetic advantages of course, which are brilliant if your house is long overdue for some changes, there are a host of other benefits too. The majority of modern windows are able to retain heat much better, making them very energy-efficient. There exists a myriad of different windows however, so you need to know which ones suit your particular requirements.

Double hung windows have two opening sashes, with a single hung type only having one. In each instance, the sashes shall only slide downwards or upwards. This makes them ideal for when your windows must face a walkway or deck, since you won’t want your sash to jut out in such locations.

Double hung models are also typically found within older structures and warmer climates. The reason why is that they are both simple to clean and promote greater airflow. One of the most noteworthy benefits of the double hung window though is its ability to efficiently cool your interiors in warm weather, hence why they are located in such climates.

At David Humble we specialise in the restoration of every type of sash window, working with property owners all across Northumberland. Work such as this does tend to be rather challenging, but thanks to our perimeter sealing system, we can carry out repairs from the inside instead of relying on a ladder.

If your windows require treatment, we are the people for the job. We can survey them to determine exactly what services are needed and offer a clear quote for the work.