Retain your home’s character by restoring your windows

When it comes to the aesthetics of properties we see many trends come and go, but there are some features that remain forever popular. Talking a walk around different residential areas highlights the strength and enduring charm of past eras. Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian style structures and features can be found in many areas of the country. Properties that are well maintained whilst retaining their traditional charms always stand out from the rest and prove to be a very big draw for homebuyers and buy to let investors. One feature that these kinds of properties share is the elegant, timeless and ever-popular sash window.

When sash windows begin to display signs of damage and inefficiency, people often consider replacing them with a more modern option. The problem with removing sash windows is that their absence can dramatically strip a house of its character. Sash windows play a big part in the appeal of period properties and their removal not only affects the way they look, it can also reduce their overall value.

Fortunately, restoration makes the removal of sash windows unnecessary in many cases and enables homeowners to restore efficiency to their properties and ensure they retain their period appeal. We provide a cost-effective service for sash window restoration in Northumberland that can bring the beauty and functionality back to your windows without any need for costly and stressful replacements.

We carry out all work from the inside of your property which eliminates the need for obstructive and unsightly ladders and scaffolding. We use the highest quality materials and sealants that provide greater protection from drafts and dust. As a team of skilled and experienced professionals, we can be relied on to deliver the highest standard of workmanship and beneficial long term results.

Restoration of sash windows offers improved insulation, better energy efficiency and value for money. Adequate preparation is essential for the best results and we will thoroughly remove all cracked paint from the frame and replace any broken glass beforehand. If your windows are showing signs of disrepair we can save you time and money and ensure your home retains its unique beauty with our comprehensive sash window restoration services.