Sash window renovation vs full window replacement

Our main commitment is to providing sash window restoration Northumberland based clients appreciate. We have the experience to ensure we can determine which services are best for you. If your home’s windows need replacing, there are various considerations to cover. The most important is whether to opt for the replacement of window parts, or whole window renewal.

Sash window renovation

If specific parts only need replacing on a sash, the replacements must be particular for the frame. Generally removal of the window will be necessary when conducting repairs. In the process of sash window restoration, the installer will fit new draught proofing. This supports your property’s energy efficiency, all the while keeping you warm.

Keep in mind sash windows are timeless features, with some dating back to Georgian times. So you may want to keep the heritage of your property through renovation. Moreover, saving the original period features will retain your household’s value.

Entire window replacement

If the window is in poor condition, it will likely need replacing. This is especially likely if the wood has deep rot. To replace the window, the old frame has to be carefully removed. One downside with replacement as opposed to easily fitting new sashes in existing frames, is it must follow building regulations.

Whichever work you need David Humble can carry it out. We can provide restoration as well as replacement services. We always favour renovating windows though, as we understand it saves time and you money. Furthermore, we recommend this for anyone with original sashes. This is because the window’s appearance stays intact, whilst providing protection from dust and draughts.

We are proud to be the most highly rated company for sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer. If you need advice on which course of action is best for your property, consider getting in touch with us today.