Restore your home’s timeless features

Sash windows are timeless architectural period features that need our expertise and care. We therefore strive to effectuate sash window restoration Northumberland property owners will appreciate. Regardless if the installation is on an Edwardian or modern home, it’s still difficult to deny their refinement. Our team can protect these features and help to make them more effective.

Benefits of sash windows

When summertime comes the windows are most efficient. The design allows effective ventilation so heat can escape. Not only this, but they look elegant on both modern and period properties.

Some owners are concerned draughts will disturb them. Generally, this is only the case when they are in need of new draught proofing. So, spending extra on window quality can save you much more on energy bills.

If they are an original fitting on your home, they will likely need refurbishment to reach peak efficiency. With this are a few reasons why you should strongly consider sash window restoration. Keeping in mind their history, understandably you might notice wear and paint chipping. To improve these issues, restoring the windows with high grade timber and paint is ideal.

Furthermore, the common problem of rattling is solved with refurbishment. With all refurbishments a brush pile draught system can be installed, which also lessens the chances of rattling.

Additionally, what your windows may not have already is a key top system; modern restorations give people this choice. The system improves your home’s overall security, and allows more control over ventilation.

If your property needs a specialist to execute sash window restoration Northumberland residents should consider contacting David Humble. We have completed many refurbishments on old and new homes; paying close attention to signs of damage. Keeping in mind the effects of global warming, it is every homeowner’s duty to ensure their home is energy efficient.

If you need our expertise, please get in touch with our team today.