Sash window restoration matters more than you might realise

Everyone should commit to preserving original wood frame sash windows. They tend to be a common part of Georgian or Victorian architecture. This feature of historic houses is a beautiful one that deserves protection. At David Humble we provide the best sash window restoration Northumberland offers. As a result, we can protect these windows, even catering for homes with Grade 1 or Grade 2 status.

House & Home

The windows are important in the larger narrative and help tell the story of a property. Original windows date back to the initial construction of the house. They can also mark any extensions and changes. It is often said but true – the windows are the eyes of a house. They allow occupants to look out and provide a look into the histories of families and dynasties.

National Heritage

sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe common window has evolved and mirrors changing architectural styles. This is a key mechanism for dating historic buildings. They tell us a lot about the social evolution of Britain as well as developments of its industrial base.

The importance of original windows lies in more than the fact that they add charm and character to a building. They provide a facade with a sense of history and act as living history themselves.

You should cherish original sash windows if you are lucky enough to own a property that still has them. A little age and weathering is nothing as work like ours can easily attend to issues and leave your windows looking fabulous. This lets you hold onto a valuable feature. In addition, keep in mind that timber gets better with age, showing off a more stunning patina and colour.

First rate solutions

David Humble offers high grade services. Ours is the sash window restoration Northumberland homeowners can use when they want to care for their property. Even when your windows have started to deteriorate, reach out and we will help breathe new life into them. We can repair the wood, fix the weights and cords, replace glass, and ensure each window works smoothly. On top of this we can add draught proofing.

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