Why you should choose timber over uPVC windows

A lot of people see uPVC windows everywhere and think this is something their home needs. But, if yours is a property that is lucky enough to still have its original timber sash windows, hold onto them. Care for them by investing in the best sash window restoration Northumberland can provide.

Timber windows are valuable in various ways, especially when they are from a specific period. Below we look at the reasons why you should keep them.


First and foremost, timber has beauty and charm that you just cannot get with uPVC. Timber’s natural properties, including its solidity, ability to take paint, and grain, make it very special. As a result, this puts it in a better position aesthetically when you compare to plastic.

In addition, the inherent strength of wood allows for a streamline frame. This lets more light into your space and looks stunning.


Lots of people believe, incorrectly, that plastic windows will last forever. The truth is that wooden windows can last much longer than uPVC. You can find plenty of period properties with sashes that are over a hundred years old. This is thanks to the quality timbers and proper maintenance.

Plastic on the other hand can become brittle and discolour after spending a few years in the sun. Sadly there is nothing you can do about this. However, you can easily use the sash window restoration Northumberland offers to make your wood frames look like new again.

Value For Money

sash window restoration NorthumberlandWooden windows are natural, beautiful, and authentic. While you might think that plastic frames are cheaper, think carefully. Fitting them can drastically harm the value of your property. This is especially the case when it is a period home and you are replacing original timber sash windows. Installing unsympathetic replacements is a bad move. It can result in potential buyers quickly losing interest.

This isn’t even all the reasons to choose timber. For example, restoration can leave you with wooden sashes that function amazingly. This will keep out the cold, noise, and burglars. Wood is also one of the best options for the environment as these frames don’t end up in landfill at the end of their life.

We hope that you now know more about how best to care for your property when it comes to making decisions about windows. Even when there are issues, restoration can resolve this and breathe new life into them.

Looking for the best sash window restoration Northumberland offers isn’t hard when David Humble is here providing leading services. Take your time to read about what we do and get in touch to speak to us about our specialist work.