Sash windows are making a comeback

When it comes to sash window restoration Northumberland home owners can always turn to David Humble. Though the use of specialist knowledge and a selection of expert tools, we can breathe new life into these windows.

While it is true that sashes are an old style of window, this does not mean that they are out of date or need replacing if your property has them. In fact, this fantastic property feature is quite popular.

Enjoying a revival

Sashes, like many other items, are making a comeback. Rather than thinking of them as old, you should instead think traditional and classic. More people are embracing the windows of their Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian properties. They realise the value of this feature and want to keep them instead of swapping for newer models.

Take a look and ask questions

You should inspect your windows to find out if restoration could help improve them. Ask yourself if they are draughty and whether the paintwork is in great condition. You also need to know if they are able to run properly and operate smoothly. Find out if the wood is old or chipped. If any of these things apply to your windows, renovation is likely the perfect solution.

Considering a replacement? Think again

sash window restoration NorthumberlandA lot of people assume issues with windows mean that they need replacing. This isn’t the case and removing this irreplaceable feature could harm the value of your property. We can repair and salvage various parts of your windows. The purpose of restoration is to hold onto this piece of history while ensuring each window is in working order.

David Humble provides a superior level of sash window restoration Northumberland property owners love. We can take this period feature and attend to various issues. This will transform them and make sure they look amazing. You then won’t have to deal with windows that look poor and don’t function properly.

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