Should sash windows be replaced or restored?

The windows in your home will often account for a large percentage of the heating losses, especially when you have old, draughty single glazed windows. Sash windows provide a beautiful and unique aesthetic, but are amongst the poorest windows in terms of energy performance because they often have gaps and the potential for developing draughts. If you’re looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and boost your insulation, the windows should be at the top of the list.

If you do find that a sash window is letting too much heat escape you are presented with the choice of replacing or restoring it. There are many things to weigh up before making the choice, including whether you want to replace like for like, prefer upgrading to double glazing or want a different style of window altogether.

Most window choices will hinge on the cost of the project. A complete replacement and switching to a new style will be the most expensive because it requires the highest amount of work. Replacing with a new double glazed sash will be slightly less costly but only marginally. Restoration is the most cost effective option, whether you choose to upgrade to double glazing as part of this or not. Most timber framed windows can be restored as long as the core wood is high quality and intact.

As well as cost you should also keep in mind the aesthetic affect the windows will have. On period properties the sash windows are part of the charm and history of the building. Removing and replacing them with less attractive modern style ones is a bad move aesthetically. Restoration or like for like replacement are the best options in terms of maintaining the look of the property.

We can provide you with an affordable sash window restoration in Northumberland, giving you the chance to retain your beautiful windows and saving you money while improving their performance. We can install draught proofing on your sash windows to help seal the window and keep heat in. This will boost the energy performance and you can replace sealings easily when necessary.

For cost and aesthetic reasons a restoration is by far the best option for sash windows, especially if they are still in relatively good condition. Double glazed sashes with quality draught proofing can provide really good energy performance too. We are a leading provider of sash window restoration in Northumberland and offer a full range of services to local property owners. Whatever your needs, we are confident we can restore your windows to their best.