Caring for your sash windows

Sash windows are very beautiful, but often require some work and maintenance to keep them in the best shape, especially when you have traditional timber framed ones. The first thing to keep in mind is not to cut corners; if you’re going to maintain or restore sash windows you need to go the whole way and do it properly. Cutting corners here and there may lessen your workload and the price, but you can find that ultimately it costs you far more, particularly if you don’t get the finish right. You could even run the risk of damaging the property and putting inhabitants at risk.

The next important thing to do is to maintain as much of the originals as possible, because these features are always the best. Replacements are likely to stand out from the rest of the building rather than seamlessly blending in with its historic aesthetic. Where possible, you should retain original parts of the window and restore them when necessary.

A big problem with sash windows is that over time they start to show signs of wear and can develop many different functional problems. By keeping an eye on them and doing maintenance when required you will lessen the potential for damage. Most importantly you should ensure they are painted and treated regularly to protect the timbers. If you fail to do this you can find yourself with rotten, crumbling frames.

A final thing to note is that over time windows can warp, especially if the property is on soft or poorly compacted ground. You’ll need to keep an eye out for signs of settlement and subsidence as well as any changes in the shape of windows. If the window sill drops you need to get the structure looked at in closer detail.

If you want to ensure your sash windows get the best level of service you should consider hiring a professional. The DIY route is fine for routine maintenance, but with sash window restoration and repairs you will likely need help from an expert. We specialise in sash window restoration in Northumberland and surrounding areas, and can provide a complete service to get your windows in top condition, without the need for replacements.