Spotting a faulty window

Sash windows are one of the most standout parts to a structure, making it appealing to both onlookers and prospective buyers. Since this is the case, everything possible must be done to keep them in top condition. Supplying some of the most outstanding services in sash window restoration Northumberland has, we are the people to call if your own windows need seeing to.
One of a number of factors can bring upon the breaking down of a window. Each of these elements could eventually cause them to become damaged beyond repair, meaning that it is vital that you are made aware of the warning signs before it’s too late. Saying this, here are the omens to watch out for.

Any paintwork degradation that is present shall tarnish your property’s exterior and permit moisture to enter your timber. This can lead to it rotting. If your paint has already begun to wear off, you must examine the windows for signs of rot and have your windows mended with some micro porous external paint solution. Houses that were constructed prior to 1960 commonly experience this issue. The recommendation is that you preserve the paintwork in intervals of two to five years.

The sash style of window is counter-balanced using two weight sets; these are hidden within each of the window’s sides. The cords that the weights are hung on run over a pulley wheel that is positioned at the peak of the frames. It’s rather common for the weights to stick or for the cords to snap, both of which make opening the sashes a challenge.

At David Humble, we take every deteriorating sash window and restore them back to full functionality. With our perimeter sealing system, your windows can be taken out from the interior and be repaired, forgoing the requirement to use a ladder from the outside.

If you find yourself in need of our assistance, please contact the company to find out more about why we are the best for sash window restoration Northumberland has.