Picking the right ironmongery for your sash windows

When you are installing a replacement door or window, or just looking to upgrade existing ironmongery, it is wise to consider what style would best suit your property. This is particularly important if you want to protect important features. As the leading provider of sash window restoration Northumberland has, we understand this all too well.

Whatever particular period your home was built in should factor into the decision making. Installing age appropriate ironmongery will help to add value to your home because it retains the original look.

Georgian sash windows and doors will have had ironmongery that’s simple. They wouldn’t have had a letterbox, as these weren’t introduced yet. Instead there would generally just be a lock and knob. Towards the end of the Georgian period is when door knockers became popular.

During the Victorian period the doors had polished brass ironmongery, with furniture being more of a statement than the previous periods. Any front door made after 1850 had a letterbox.

In the Edwardian period window furniture became more elaborate. Door knobs in particular began appearing with more intricate on them; often door handles were mounted on to decorative plates too.

The decisions remain whether you want polished or brassed chrome or brass itself; the choice generally comes down to personal preference. Brass would have usually been used until the 1920s. After this point polished chrome became popular. The best thing to do though is check what ironmongery is already installed and focus on preserving or replicating it.

It is important to source the best ironmongery for your sash windows as these features are best kept looking as original as possible. David Humble provides restoration services for sashes and always focus on delivering outstanding results. We can give you the necessary advice on what style of ironmongery will best fit your needs if necessary.

If you require assistance from the best provider of sash window restoration Northumberland has, please get in touch today.