Take care while painting wooden windows, especially sashes

Because of the manner in which they stand out, sash windows are among the most notable characteristics to be found on a building. Since this is the case, everything must be done to ensure that they’re well looked after. If left alone for a time they can deteriorate. As one of the most revered businesses working in sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer, we are the people to contact if your own windows demand attention.

Sometimes restoration can result in more complications than its setting out to rectify, particularly with wooden sash windows. In an effort to make sure that you don’t end up making any potentially detrimental mistakes, we’re going to inform you of what can happen if the wrong course of action is taken.

One of the most typical errors that people make is painting over their wooden seals. The consequences of doing this can be adverse to say the least. Once the substance has dried off, it will have effectively painted your window shut. Unless you are using a special tool like a chisel, this shall make it exceedingly difficult to open. To prevent this outcome, the solution is to place masking tape along your seals so they remain paint free.

While we’re on the subject of paint, should you fail to sand down the window’s exterior you might be left with an uneven finish once you begin to apply the last coat. See to it that you utilise top calibre sandpaper, using long and even strokes to get the job done. The window isn’t anything like your floor, so don’t treat as if it were similar.

At David Humble, we take any window that’s showing signs of degradation and restore it back to prominence. When broken glass happens to be the issue, we always seek to provide a replacement as close in style to the original as we can.

If you find yourself in need of sash window restoration Northumberland experts David Humble would be pleased to help. You can trust to do look after the windows and provide reliable solutions.