Taking measures to prevent draughts with sash windows

Since your sash windows stand out as one of the most defining features of the house, it’s vital that you keep them in perfect shape. It is important to be aware that over time they can deteriorate, especially traditional timber framed ones. If left for too long you’ll find yourself in front of an expensive repair bill.

Before the worst happens though you should notice problems developing. At the first sign of these, even the smallest issues, you should call on the assistance of our expert company to do repairs. This can help to protect and preserve them.

One sign of problems you may notice is a draughts. If you feel cold breezes when the windows are closed or hear the panes rattling it could be because the window has become warped or the draught proofing is insufficient. Luckily both problems can be resolved and you can improve energy efficiency in the process too.

Adding dedicated draught proofing strips can work wonders at resolving draughts. They make windows fit better in their frames, filling gaps whilst still allowing the panes to slide to open and close. The best strips will last for a long period of time and keep heat trapped in a room and simultaneously prevent cold from entering.

According to research done by Historic England, appropriate draught proofing can reduce air inflation by nearly 90%. The measures can have quite the effect, but care should be taken to have decent ventilation levels in those rooms that are wet and suffer from considerable amounts of humidity.

At David Humble, we specialise in repairing your windows from the inside, instead of having to go through all the hassle of going up ladders to reach those difficult locations. If broken glass is the issue, recycled glass is used whenever possible and we try to get as close to the original style as we can.

If you need sash window restoration in Northumberland we are the go to company. We hope you’ll contact our team at the first signs of problems so we can stand the best chance of retaining the windows. As an added benefit this can also give you smaller repair bills.