Does sash window restoration require structural support?

The primary focus of our bespoke service is, as in fairness our name suggests, the restoration of your sash windows to their original appearance. This does not, however, mean that we completely disregard the context of where the frames are. We must consider this to ensure we deliver the right service.

Achieving success with the sash window restoration work we provide in Northumberland is highly dependent on understanding a few important things. Firstly we need to know how they connect to the building in which they are placed. Secondly it is good to have knowledge of what purpose they serve beyond the standard usually associated with windows.

Many of the buildings in the Northumberland region are characterised by the fact that the architectural designs for the windows were made an integral part of achieving success in structural support. This is to say that, to be blunt, the stability of a structure in terms of it remaining standing can be heavily reliant on the window frames remaining exactly where they are placed. One of the challenges we face in our restoration work is establishing if this is the case and how best to carry out what we do without causing any structural damage or harm.

Whilst we do, for your convenience, endeavour to carry out as much of our restoration work as possible on the in-situ sash windows, we’re unable to say that this is always possible. It’s always going to be best to let us first survey the positioning of the windows and assist you in determining whether or not structural support specialists should be called on prior to our commencement of work.

Our commitment is to presenting you with the most complete and comprehensive service possible in respect of sash window restoration in Northumberland. In order to do this it is vital that we consider the setting of the frame as much as the sash window itself. With us you can have every confidence in knowing that we care as much for your building in its entirety as we do about restoring your sash windows to their perfect appearance.