The history of stained glass

Sash windows can be a really attractive sight as long as they are in pristine condition. They are a classic feature that can add a lot of character to properties. At David Humble we offer assistance in this area by supplying the finest sash window restoration Northumberland has. Our services make these windows look stunning.

Stained glass has existed for over a millennium. This is a form of coloured glass that is arranged to create a picture or pattern. Traditionally, lead strips would hold the pieces in place. There is evidence to suggest that British monasteries and churches were using the glass in windows since the 7th century. It then became popular in homes in the Edwardian and Victorian eras.

The Victorian period

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandOne of the hallmarks of this era is people would use their home decor to show their status. Stained glass became popular here in part due to the gothic revival. The mosaic stained glass revival helmed by Augustus Pugin produced a unique Victorian style. It is possible to find the colourful glass today on the windows and doors on numerous properties from the period.

The interesting thing about stained windows in homes is they favour designs like flowers or birds. On the other hand the ones in religious buildings tend to celebrate figures. There is a lot more freedom and choice in homes. As a result the designs can really grab attention.

The front door

Stained glass has also proven to be a popular choice for front doors. It is the same for the surrounding fanlights. This is thanks to their attractive aesthetic. At the same time though the colour can provide more privacy than clear panes. Just like the windows, the most popular design choice here is typically of flowers or birds. It could also be some sort of pattern.

Sash window restoration in Northumberland for any type of glass

At David Humble, we help people to stop their windows from deteriorating. The moment this begins to happen, it can cause big problems for the property. For example it can affect the impressions people get of the building and can also allow draughts and leaks. You won’t want this.

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