A window with horns

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandIt is hard not to notice certain kinds of windows, especially the sash variety. However, there are people who don’t care for them as well as they should. This leads to them falling into a state of deterioration. Fortunately, we offer sash window restoration Northumberland clients can depend on.

One of the many components of the sash window is the sash horn. These horns protrude in a downwards direction. They go from the upper sash’s base in a window frame. The horns are a classic addition that makes the windows appear more authentic. Originally, people would use them to strengthen the window’s joints. They also stopped everyone from opening them too far.

Thanks to contemporary designs, the horns are now primarily decorative. Multiple forms of them exist. Let’s look at some of them in more detail so you know what to look for.

Original horns

We will begin with the original horn models. You can find these on the windows on period properties. Normally, these are essential to the window’s structure. Therefore there is no chance of removing them. The horns tend to feature ornate finishing and carpentry. THey can have a square appearance or rounder designs. This depends on the window.


The second design is the stick-on or clip-on sash horn. These can fit on timber sash or uPVC windows. Expect them to produce a mock appearance of the original design. There is a multitude of styles to pick from to match the majority of architectural styles.


Finally, we have run-through sash horns. People can use them to aid in producing styles that appear traditional. These models make up part of the structure of the actual window. Even when you look up close, they shall make for an authentic look.

Quick and safe sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble we know that people appreciate the effort homeowners put into keeping their properties in order. As a result, we work hard to ensure your windows are in top condition. We like to use a perimeter sealing system so we can work inside. It is far safer and quicker than the standard method of climbing a ladder from the outside.

So, for top quality sash window restoration Northumberland residents can rely on, please contact us. You can also learn more by browsing our website.