The Northumbrian sash specialists

Sash windows are very highly regarded and have the potential to improve the value and look of your home. One worry people have with them, particularly wooden framed ones, is that they will fall into disrepair over time. Fortunately there is no need to be worried; we are here to offer the finest sash window restoration services for clients all across Northumberland.

Window work in general can be a difficult and delicate process, so it is best to hire the skills of a professional to get the job done. Many of the services that we offer focus on the renovation and restoration of sash windows. We specialise in this style because we believe that the replacement of them is completely unnecessary in many cases. There are few occurrences where damage and decay cannot be overcome by the right tools and techniques. Ultimately we want to preserve this beautiful type of window.

When repairing sash windows it is of course very important to have confidence in your skills and to utilise the correct equipment. We take this knowledge to heart to ensure that the work we do is always of the highest standard.

The time the repair work will take depends on the damage to the window, but rest assured that your property will be back to optimum conditions in the shortest amount of time possible with us. We utilise a perimeter sealing system to take out and repair the windows from the inside. This negates the need to climb up ladders in order to reach the most difficult parts of a property. With our system in place, sashes can be taken out within minutes and are renovated to a very high standard. When it comes to the broken glass, reclaimed materials are utilised when possible to retain the character.

At David Humble we take pride in our ability to restore sash windows to prime condition. Deteriorated ones aren’t the prettiest of sights and by having them restored you can enhance the aesthetics and value of the property. If you wish to find out more about our services, feel free to get in touch.