Coming together to repair the damage

Sash windows in particular have a certain charm to them. Having been considered high quality since the Victorian era, many people today have recognised the potential that they offer and have installed them in their own homes. On top of this many property owners put considerable effort into ensuring that their existing ones are retained. We are very happy to offer sash windows restoration services to help with this, catering for the whole Northumberland area.

Window restoration and repairs aren’t a free business of course. Every provider, including us, needs to make a living from the services that they offer. Business owners may find that their windows have become damaged in some way and that they lack the necessary funding to get them repaired. It is times like these however when the kind nature of people can be revealed. The owner of a Doncaster based business who has been at the centre of an appeal to repair a broken window has thanked all of those who have helped him.

A crowd-funding appeal along with a benefit concert has been set up with the goal of raising £500 for the owner of a record shop. These fundraisers came about as the result of a window that was broken at the store. A friend of the owner set up the appeal and within a few days, 33 people had pledged to the cause. After the public donated the cash needed to carry out the repairs, the shop owner thanked those who came to his aid. He has been truly overwhelmed by the acts of kindness and generosity that the people have shown him. The concert will play host to musicians who have come to thank the owner for all that he has done for them.

At David Humble Sash Window Renovation we offer a friendly and professional service that is available at very reasonable prices. These windows really give your house the potential to stand out among the rest and as such, keeping them in top condition is essential. If yours are in need of attention, we are the ones to call.