The numerous ways of keeping draughts at bay

Keeping your property in order is the best way of ensuring that it will make an impression. Our services assist property owners with this essential task. We provide sash window restoration Northumberland residents can count on. Better still, we can offer you it for very reasonable prices.

Sash windows are still one of the most popular window styles in the UK. However, when it comes to draught proofing, they could do with a helping hand. There are several options available if you are preparing to draught proof your own windows. Doing this can provide some really great benefits.

The procedure

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe actual draught proofing procedure consists of you creating an air tight seal. You do it around every window and frame. This keeps the draughts at bay. According to some predictions, stopping draughts on sash windows can save about £50 annually. That is because you are not using as much energy for heating.

You can try using curtains and blinds too. There are some people who may not want to choose the standard draught proofing solution. A simple alternative would be installing a blind or curtain. They have the ability to prevent draughts from coming through your windows and into the rooms. You will therefore be able to keep the temperature at decent levels. Thick curtains are particularly effective here. For high quality sash window restoration Northumberland inhabitants can depend on, please contact us.

Double glazing

One other option that is open to you is double glazing. You may have an older building. If so, you will likely discover that your sash windows are single pane. That was the only option in many periods. Even when double glazing became available, it was not immediately a legal requirement to include it on new builds.

At present, there are two forms of double glazing that you can purchase. These are temporary or and fixed secondary glazing. The first option is exactly what it says it is; you use a plastic film that connects to the window using a magnet. With the other option, it includes panels that slide over each other. You can’t remove them from your window frame at any point.

Sash window restoration in Northumberland that is better than replacement

At David Humble we show people that there are alternatives to replacing their degrading windows. In addition to being cheaper, our services can provide great results. In fact, we always work to achieve the best possible outcome.

So, if you want to try the finest sash window restoration Northumberland can provide, please get in touch. We will offer you a free survey and an exact price for our work.