Don’t leave the authenticity in the dust

Sash windows add massive value to the home. As a result, it is preferable to keep them in the best possible condition. Not to mention, their performance will suffer when they start degrading. We have the solution to this problem however. We provide the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has available.

People love period houses for their architectural characteristics. It is the same way no matter what era they are from. There are some features that always stand out though, including the famous sash windows. However, you need to ask yourself what you need to do when the original installations start failing. Your wooden sashes might not shut or open correctly. The timber could be showing signs of deterioration. Things could also be draughty and rattling too.

Avoid modern installations

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandAt some point, you may decide you are fed up that your once beautiful windows are now nothing but a bother. If you are feeling like this, you may think the best option is to talk to a uPVC provider. They will tell you that you can solve all your issues with the affordable, convenient, and modern alternative. Don’t take the bait though. This is not the only option and can be the wrong decision in many cases.

The original timber might not be in top form right now. However, there is no real reason to throw your windows out. The two words to keep in mind here are maintenance and repair. The truth is that period sashes may need frequent attention to look their best. What you need is professional maintenance from the top people working in sash window restoration Northumberland has. With us, restoring your windows is the better option in almost every scenario.

It will all look wrong

One of the main reasons why you should repair your old windows is because it preserves the building’s period character. There are not that many historic buildings lying around. Therefore, every period home owner must do their part to preserve the UK’s heritage.

Your property may not be a listed structure. Even so, replacing the original sashes with a contemporary design will hurt the building’s authenticity. Consider a Victorian cottage that has uPVC windows. They don’t fit with the architecture’s aesthetic principles. Worst of all, it probably just looks wrong.

On the other hand, professionally restoring and repairing the windows keeps with the original architecture. It improves the building’s overall charm too. The kerb appeal is what makes everything stand out. This is the case regardless of whether you are selling or preserving your family home.

Contact us for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we are well aware of how important sash windows are to the property. Therefore, we provide the most reliable services to restore them. We also work hard to provide the best value for money. Despite often not costing as much as a replacement, you still receive incredible results.

So, if you would like our assistance, feel free to contact us. You can ask questions and we will showcase why we are the top name for sash window restoration Northumberland has. Then, we can book a service for you and give you the very best results.