UK households using less energy thanks to insulation

Recent reports by the BBC have stated that the amount of energy used by the average UK household has gone down over the last ten years, despite the growth in demand. According to the Digest of UK energy statistics (DUKES), energy use in 2013 was at its lowest level since 1985. This is obviously great news for home owners and consumers, but it’s also good for the environment. As more and more people review their home and make improvements, many people are reducing their consumption of energy on a monthly basis. It is thought that the change is mostly due to improvements in home insulation, increased energy prices causing people to be more wary of how much they use, and an increased interest in preserving the planet.

If you have older sash windows, you could find that you’re losing a lot of heat from them, which could push up your energy consumption and bills. Over time sash windows can deteriorate, causing draughts. It’s important to try and keep as much warmth in your home as you can to reduce the amount of energy you use, and proper insulation makes this possible. If you are concerned about the efficiency of your sash windows, we could have the solution with our sash window restoration in Northumberland.

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