Ensuring your sash windows are fully restored

Sash windows are popular with homeowners across the UK as they give a property a unique aesthetic appeal. They are also an original feature on many historic homes and properties. As fantastic as sash windows look, they can become damaged and suffer the effects of time. However, wear and tear does not have to mean the end for your sash windows, as their major advantage is that they can be restored.

A wide range of older properties feature sash windows. Many people are under the impression that once their windows begin to age and show signs of deterioration, they need to be replaced. Our professional sash window restoration in Northumberland saves you the time, hassle and expense of having new windows fitted. Restoration is cheaper than replacement, and we assure our customers that we can make sure your windows function well and look good as new once again.

When carrying out restoration, we use a sealing system that enables us to carry out the work from the inside of your property. We do not like to cause our customers any disruption, and we aim to complete all restoration tasks safely and swiftly. We do not utilise ladders and we do not require any access to your property from the outside.

The sealant we use is particularly recommended for older properties, as it provides superior protection against dust and draughts. When sash windows are poorly sealed, it can result in a various range of issues such as rattling windows, damp and increased energy bills. Sufficient sealing however leads to improved insulation, increased energy efficiency, financial savings and long term benefits.

Our service incorporates the replacement of damaged glass and the removal of all old paint to prepare the frame for treatment. All cracks and chips will be repaired, along with any other defects, and we also fit new pulleys to improve the efficiency of your windows. When the work is completed, your windows will be refitted and balanced. Finally, we will install new sash lifts and a replacement catch.

We offer free surveys and detailed and accurate quotes for sash window restoration in Northumberland, so get in touch. We are happy to assess the condition of your windows and always offer an honest and friendly service.