What sash windows are you working with?

Sash windows come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. In the UK, you can find many types and styles. Beginning in France, they made their way to us during the late 17th century. Soon after, they became our most popular style, something that continued for around three centuries. You can still see them today, and people can choose sash window restoration in Northumberland to help retain them.

These windows are primarily on structures from the Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian eras. They are a common feature of listed buildings thanks to their historical value. Also, it is tricky for homeowners to gain permission to modify them. So that you know what specific style you are working with, we are going to discuss different sashes here.

Georgian sashes

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWindows from this era are among the oldest you can find in the UK. They have multiple functional and technical issues by modern standards. Their old design is responsible. Despite this, they have a unique elegance. It is one capable of giving properties a high degree of culture and history.

When sash windows first came to England during the Georgian era, we could only create small single glass panes at a time. Due to this, the sashes tend to have a 6 panes over 6 panes design. There are many glazing bars in position to hold the individual pieces together.

Queen Anne style

These windows are a form of English Baroque architecture. It had prominence during Queen Anne’s reign in the Georgian period. The sashes also have a multitude of glazing bars holding together many small glass panes. Again, it was only possible to produce minuscule glass panes at a time. However, here the glass panes can be coloured at times. Tell us if you need the greatest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Victorian sashes

Due to glass manufacturing advancements in this era, the 6 panes design became less popular. In its place, there was the two over two design. It allows more heat and natural light to enter a room because of the reduction in glazing bars.

To guarantee that sashes were strong enough to hold the heavier glass, these windows were fitted with run-through sash horns. It is true that the horns aren’t necessary in contemporary windows. Yet, numerous modern designs use stick-on ones, also referred to as bolt-ons. These give the window a historic appearance.

Edwardian sashes

This era lasted a mere nine years, but influenced British architecture considerably. The UK’s middle class had a keen itch to flaunt their wealth back then. Countless homeowners wanted doors and windows that stood out.

Edwardian windows are unique for providing the best from both the Victorian and Georgian eras. There is an elegant 6-panel sash atop a 2-panel sash. Despite these windows letting in less heat and light, they have a distinct appearance. At the time, it was a glamorous one. Our services for sash window restoration in Northumberland can preserve this.

Bay sash windows

Speaking of the Edwardian era, bay sash windows were created during this time too. Thanks to public transportation improvements, suburban neighbourhoods had an increase in popularity. Housing restrictions in such the areas weren’t as strict. So, the middle class could flaunt their wealth with windows that literally stood out, protruding from the building. Due to how far-reaching and wide bay windows are, they let in more warmth and natural light.

Oriel windows

These are a type of bay window that became popular during the English Renaissance. This was an era of an artistic movement that took place between the early 16th and 17th century. Oriel windows are typically located on a property’s upper floor, as opposed to other bay window styles that you’d find on the ground floor. The main feature is the decorative brackets or corbels.

Venetian-style sashes

These come from the Palladian era, a time when the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio was famous. Venetian windows are tripartite constructs that have one massive window in the centre. It’s topped with an arch and flanked by two smaller windows. Pillars normally divide the panes, offering the structure a quintessential Renaissance appeal.

Let us help you with sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble we are able to work on both homes and workplaces. Our establishment specialises in renovation, repair, and restoration. Thanks to our perimeter sealing system, we can work on the inside. This allows us to do jobs faster and more efficiently. Plus, it is much safer.

So, if you are in need of the finest services for sash window restoration in Northumberland, come to us. It would be our pleasure to help save any traditional windows.