What you need to know about sashes

When it comes to the sash window restoration Northumberland relies on, we can do many forms of work. This allows your windows to look stunning, even if they have deteriorated. There are steps that you can also take to keep them in good shape.


Sash windows require care, just like the other areas of your home. This is not a difficult task and it does pay off in both the appearance and life span. Part of this is a regular inspection of your windows to look for issues that you need to deal with.

A common problem with wooden sashes is rot. You need to address it once you discover it, but it is not very serious. You do not have to replace the window and instead can fix it yourself. By removing the rotten area and filling in any cracks and holes, you will have a durable and good looking finish. Once any restoration tasks are complete you can then look to paint them.


When you are working with sash windows, painting can be a tough task. If you make an error you might paint them shut or restrict the movement. This is why you must take care and not rush the job.

There are areas of the windows that you should not paint. This includes seals, draught proofing, the top of the upper sash and bottom of the lower sash, as well as the sides of the sash that slide up and down in the jambs. This will ensure that you are not having a negative effect on the movement.

The other areas of the sash need sanding, cleaning and priming before you begin work. You can then apply an under and top coat of high grade paint. This will help you to achieve superb results and minimise the flaking that happens over time.

See The Benefits Of Care

When you look after your windows, you help protect them from the elements and boost the appearance of your property. It is an affordable exterior makeover so start today. We can lend a hand with various jobs through the sash window restoration Northumberland should always look to. Contact David Humble today at 01670 515 622 for more details.