Top tips for maintenance to ensure your sash windows are amazing

The overall appearance and charm of a property comes from its exterior. With period homes in particular, the windows are very influential. When they need caring for, call on the sash window restoration Northumberland loves.

It can appear appealing to replace sash windows if they begin to look tired or there is an issue. But, remember that this is not the way you should be going. Restoration is a viable option in most situations. By getting new windows you can harm the environment, property value and aesthetic. So remember these tips for bringing your windows back to life.

Ventilation and Draughts

One of the many desirable aspects of sashes is the ventilation that they offer. You can adjust how much a sash opens to let air in and keep everything else out. While the hot air in a room will rise, this creates lower pressure towards the bottom. As a result fresh air will flow in and push out the warm to keep you cool.

When sashes age, the cord can break. They can also begin to develop gaps from years of moving which lets draughts in. Both of these issues are repairable. A professional can replace all the cords within the frame. In addition draught proofing can plug up gaps and reduce heat loss. We fix other elements too, including rattling and broken glass.

Repair Work

This needs to be done right. You cannot simply find a tutorial on the internet. Restoring a classic architectural feature like this takes time, care and skill. Keep in mind that wrong steps can damage the window and make the repair more costly. You should always leave it to an expert, even basic things like painting.

Painting Done Right

With the help of high quality paint, you can not only improve cosmetics but also help protect your windows. This will preserve the timber from the weather, dirt and more. It is absolutely vital you don’t paint the window shut though. This is a common mistake and causes all kinds of trouble.

Choose The Best To Work On Your Windows

When searching for the right restorer, reach out to David Humble. At the home of the sash window restoration Northumberland relies on, you will receive great results. Contact us today at 01670 515 622 for more details.