Why should I take care of my sash windows?

When sash windows fall into disrepair it’s only right that you take steps to restore them to glory. By doing so, you stand the best chance of retaining them. The care and attention you show them will be reflected in the aesthetics and their performance too. It will also provide long term benefits in terms of cost savings.

The sash window style has been around for generations and many people often wonder what it is that makes them so attractive. The classical look is just one thing that makes them popular. Additionally, the fact the window’s opening can be finely adjusted down to a narrow gap at the bottom, top, or both is a benefit. This gives the owner an excellent means of controlling ventilation, with their being minimal danger of rain blowing into the structure.

Rather than being hung from the side, the sash makes use of the two top corners in order to decrease the chances of distorting under its own weight. If the window has less distortion, it will likely have a much longer life. This is precisely why some of them last for several generations, still look fantastic, and function properly.

As mentioned earlier, ventilation is outstanding with sash windows. As hot air within the room rises, it creates a lower pressure towards floor level, drawing the fresh air from outside through the sash’s bottom. The hot air is then pushed out of the top section. Even if it’s just a little bit, open the top and bottom and you’ll be giving yourself naturally powered ventilation.

At David Humble we specialise in sash window restoration, providing a comprehensive service to property owners all across Northumberland. We understand exactly why this style of windows should be taken care of and the benefits that are offered from ensuring the maintenance is correct. Well-maintained windows typically require fewer repairs and look better too.

If you would like us to take a look at a sash window for you we would be happy to help. We can offer advice about the condition and deliver our professional recommendations for maintenance and repairs. Clients can rely on our opinion because we have many years of experience to call on and always focus on retaining the windows.