Avoid needless sash replacement and opt for restoration instead

The windows are a part of a house that are prominent and influence the overall character. Sashes in particular are known for their desirability but with age and neglect, they can lose what makes them great. Don’t ditch this valuable feature for a replacement when you will regret it. Instead, look at the sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer.

Is Replacement Necessary?

sash window restoration NorthumberlandPeople often find an issue with something and don’t attempt to fix it, rather they get a new one. This however is rarely the option that is better value for money and windows are no exception.

You can restore the operation and value of your sashes even when they are suffering from problems. Repair is viable in most situations including when it concerns timber. So even if you are dealing with something like rot, do not write off the whole window.

You can lose a lot of money through replacing windows rather than working on them. One way is through the large initial costs. As well as this, the property value of the building will most likely drop from the loss of the classic features. Sashes are one of many things that make a period property desirable as people will look for the original aspects.

Enjoy The Value Of Restoration

In the majority of scenarios, you can avoid replacing windows. Not only is this achievable through proper maintenance and prevention; you also need to choose the right approach for dealing with issues. It might be a minor fix such as adding in draught proofing, but you will love the benefits. If there is an aspect like the glass that needs replacing, we will find you a match close to the original to retain authenticity.

When it comes to sash window restoration Northumberland can rely on the specialist work of David Humble. These windows have the potential to be great but only when they receive expert care. If you are in need of help you can contact 01670 515622 to find out about the services on offer.