Keep your sash windows secure with these expert tips

In terms of the security of your property, you should never ignore your windows. As well as not leaving them wide open when it is not necessary, there are other steps to remember. With the foremost sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer, we can help you. With a high quality service you can be confident your frames are secure and in good condition.


Wood is an excellent material for windows due to the benefits it offers. However, this does require you to maintain them. Age and rot are not only damaging for the appearance but also the structural integrity and security of the building. This is why you should protect your window frames before any issues get out of hand.

A large number of period homes have original sash windows that have never seen any care. This leaves them in bad shape due to exposure to the elements and the lack of treatment. With the poor look they leave, they can show off the weakness of the window and how lacking in security they are. Because of this you should attend to any issues when they are in the minor stage to keep them secure and looking high grade.


How can you know if there is an issue with your sashes without checking on them? Regular inspections will allow you to look for anything that might affect your window’s operation. If you do discover a problem, while you do need to attend to it quickly, make sure that you are prepared. This will allow you to avoid doing a poor job as well as stopping things like painting them shut.

Professional Care

There are a number of things that we can do to help keep your windows in great shape. This includes working to ensure the correct fitting. It could be due to past work that was not done to the right standards or warping over time. When they do not sit right, this is a huge risk for you and the contents of your building. Don’t leave your windows tired by neglecting them; all on the right people to ensure the frames are solid, in line, and secure.

Enjoy the advantages that come with caring for your windows and allow David Humble to lend a hand. If you want to know more about the sash window restoration Northumberland loves reach out to us today at 01670 515622.