Sash window security is amazing

David Humble specialises in providing the best sash window restoration Northumberland can give. Some people are under the impression that this type of window is not secure. This is not the case. All you have to do is understand the different aspects. Then, you can ensure you can inspect it and have something that gives your house a unique look.


Looking after your windows keeps them in great shape. Therefore, be sure to do regular checks. If you see any signs of deterioration or they don’t appear to be working right, call an expert. David Humble can work to repair and restore your windows. Looking at all the different parts involved is the key, because it ensures we don’t miss anything out.

It is true that sash windows are a style that has been around for a long time. But, this does not mean that they are not as good as newer models. Great restorers can look at your window to ensure that everything is working as it should. This includes working on internal mechanisms as well as glass panes. Have a style that looks classic without being outdated. Choosing a modern type of sash window also allows you the chance to go for double glazing, giving even more security.

There are a range of locks available. Once installed, check on these and the latches so you know if anything goes wrong. You can even lock a sash in an open position. So, you can let air in your home without having to worry about someone opening it further from outside.

David Humble is the one providing sash window restoration Northumberland relies on. When you want your property to keep its beautiful look, choose to restore. Our team can take windows in any condition and ensure they look fantastic. This includes replacing sections that may have suffered from rot.

You will receive a great finish, a window that functions perfectly and outstanding customer service.