Choose quality workmanship to preserve traditional windows

Original sash windows are very beautiful and should be retained on properties wherever possible to protect their character and heritage. They can be saved in many cases, either with small scale repairs or a much larger renovation. It is important to consider these opportunities and take into account how much value you can retain by investing in quality workmanship to keep the windows rather than replacing them.

The first thing to look at is the age of the timbers in the frame. Those that age back between 50 and 100 years or even more are likely to be made from very high quality timber that was given time to grow and mature. This means they will be stronger, more durable and fight wear much better than newer, softer materials. It is therefore a very sound idea to retain them.

Alongside the quality of the wood, it is also important to take special care to inspect the glass. The oldest sashes were made with crown glass. This is no longer available and becomes rarer year by year as windows get broken and materials are thrown away. If your windows are made of it you need to take special care when you remove panes to ensure you don’t damage them.

The great thing about traditional sash windows is that every aspect of them can be repaired as long as the wear is not too extensive. The frame itself can be fixed, including realignment and replacing sections that have succumb to rot. Panes can be resealed and the edges of the window can be draught proofed to improve the efficiency. The mechanism can also be worked on, including replacing cords and weights if necessary.

At David Humble we are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and saving as many traditional sashes as we can. We offer a comprehensive sash window restoration service for property owners across Northumberland, ensuring their needs are met as closely as possible. We offer great value for money and will do our best to leave property owners with windows they can be proud of.