Restoring windows in listed buildings

Our region has a rich history, and there is an impressive number of Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings in Northumberland. These are buildings which have been given special protective measures due to their significant historical value. An important part of this protection is geared towards preventing work which could undermine or devalue the character and nature of the building.

Protecting important buildings in the region is something which we can all understand and appreciate. It is important, however, to be aware of the fact that Listed Building status does not mean that no work can be carried out. There are many instances where restoration and repair work are considered as a vital part of the preservation of listed buildings. Our work is an excellent example of this.

Many of the homes in Northumberland which have been given listed status feature sash windows. For hundreds of years they were a very popular feature of a building and a preferred choice. Despite maintenance efforts, time has not been kind to many of these original sash window frames. Factors such as natural ageing, wear and tear and general day-to-day use has left many of these frames in a state of disrepair. Rather than replacing them, we seek to repair and restore them so they can look how they were always intended to look.

Our passion for restoring sash windows to their former grand appearance means that we have complete respect for the values of listed buildings. We always ensure that the correct permissions are in place before carrying out this kind of work, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our work serves only to enhance the appearance and value of such properties. If you would like to know more about our work in sash window restoration throughout Northumberland, please give us a call today.