Making your sash windows look as good as new

Sash windows offer a property undeniable kerb appeal. They make a fabulous addition to any home and really provide it with the wow factor. The UK is widely known for its wet and cold climate, but due to their particular design, sash windows are actually perfectly suited to the country’s weather conditions. They can be closed to a small and narrow gap, enabling a room to be ventilated whilst preventing any rain from entering the property. Sash windows can also offer benefits during the warmer weather, as when they are opened equally at the top and bottom, they enable heat to escape and let in cool air.

Sash windows are often found on many older properties. They deliver a unique aesthetic element, but they are not impervious to deterioration and environmental effects. However, the great benefit of these windows is that they can be renovated and restored to their former state. It is not uncommon for homeowners to assume that the first signs of decline signal the beginning of the end. This is not necessarily the case, as our sash window restoration in Northumberland can have your windows looking fantastic again while saving you the cost and hassle of fitting replacements.

Our system allows us to work on your windows from the interior of your property and cause as little disruption as possible. We have no need to use ladders and we do not have to access your property from the outside. We can provide enhanced protection against dust and drafts with the use of a high quality sealant. Insufficiently sealed windows lead to damp, rattling and intrusive noise, as well as increased energy use. Our sealing services ensure better insulation and energy efficiency as well as long term benefits and value for money.

We carry out a high standard of workmanship to produce the finest results possible in all aspects of sash window restoration in Northumberland. In preparation for treatment we will remove all paint from the frame and replace any broken or cracked glass. We also replace mechanical features for maximum performance and efficiency. Call us today for a free survey and precise quotation.