Restoration is a better option when it comes to sash windows

Sash windows add that bit of extra value and style to your home, so you will want to keep them in tip top shape. As opposed to replacements, our sash window restoration services are typically more cost effective too. We work with property owners all across Northumberland, working on properties of various ages and always providing the highest quality service.

Windows have a critical part to play in the function of your home, providing ventilation, lighting, energy efficiency, aesthetic value, and thermal insulation. The aesthetics are especially true in the case of sash windows. This is why you will want to refresh your windows as soon as you spot any issues.

Your windows will take quite a beating from the weather and even day-to-day use can lead to deterioration. Fortunately for you, it is quite often the case that the problems will require a simple restoration job as opposed to an expensive replacement. There are a range of problems that can be easily rectified and so your windows will look as good as new before you know it.

When it comes to wooden windows paint deterioration is by far one of the easiest and noticeable problems to be fixed. It is best that paintwork be maintained in regular intervals of between 2 and 8 years. This depends on the paint finish that is used though and the level of wear.

Rotten sills can be repaired if caught at an early enough stage. The rot turns the affected part of the wood soft and doesn’t do any favours for the integrity, security and strength of your window structure. When it comes to rotten sills it is important to confirm that the rot is confined. If the rest of the frame has rotted it will unfortunately require a replacement.

At David Humble we work tirelessly to ensure that your sash windows are restored in the correct and most effective manner. We take any window that shows signs of inefficiency and damage, and rejuvenate it to a condition where you will not be able to tell the difference between them and brand new installations. If your windows are in need of some restoration work, we are the service for you.