Common sash window repairs

Unfortunately, when a sash window is damaged a replacement usually requires a vast amount of money; costing between £700 and £2,000. Thankfully, a lot of the issues can be easily and affordably dealt with. David Humble is the best for sash window restoration Northumberland has. We can provide you with the necessary information for your reassurance.

One common problem that arises from worn sash windows is the damaged beading on the glass. Luckily, it only usually requires a replacement. To do this, the current beading needs to be carefully levered off; ensuring the frame is intact. Furthermore, make sure the glass is clean from all debris and oils prior to fitting a new bead will provide a better quality finish.

Other beading on the windows can also become damaged. Similarly, to fix this issue the broken section has to be carefully removed using a claw hammer; removing any nails on the frame. Then obtain a new bead and refit using nails to keep it in place. Where possible, countersink and fill in the holes prior to applying any paint.

Along with worn or broken beading, damaged cords are a common problem. However, this is quickly solved with the right expertise. Firstly, opening up the pocket and lifting off the sash will allow you to remove the cord. The lead should be accessible now, and this too needs to be removed from the frame. Repeat all of that on the other side. The cord can then be detached away from the sash, allowing you to remove the frame. A new length of cord can finally be installed along the pulley feature.

Fasteners and pulley features on the windows can also require repairs. Fortunately, they too are also easily resolved with the right knowhow.

Sash windows are a common characteristic of period properties, and nowadays do require some renovation work. Searching for the right person to carry out such work is the first step in making your home look brand new again. We are proud to be the number one for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

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