Conservation and sash window restoration

Period properties are desirable due to their charm and character. A lot of this comes from classic features like sashes. They can last for decades but after all that time, they might start to look a little worn. This is when you should think about calling David Humble. We offer the specialist sash window restoration Northumberland can trust to produce amazing results.

Conservation Is The Key

Those who live in a period property need to take steps to retain the original character of the house. Far too often people will mix these original features with modern ones. Mostly they do this without any thought into the impact of the decision. As a result, the historic value is often taken away and the appearance can be jarring.

Restoration – A Wise Choice

sash window restoration NorthumberlandBuyers are typically more than happy to pay more for a well-maintained older property. This is especially true if the original features like the windows have gone through restoration. People looking at buying this kind of property want to see that you have preserved it.

You can find modern reproductions of period features but they tend to use synthetic materials. These may not add any value or character, and can even take away from your property. Restoration on the other hand can bring your windows back to their former glory. The work takes care of the appearance and operation.

Restoration can often drastically improve energy efficiency and also get rid of rattling noises. You should not worry if your sashes are in terrible condition because chances are, a professional can help restore them. There might not even be a need to strip out and replace your windows.

Remember, while they might need some attention now, the sashes lasted for decades before this. They will continue to be an amazing feature for years to come when you rely on David Humble.

You can contact us for the leading sash window restoration Northumberland offers. The work will transform your windows and leave them in amazing condition so reach out now.