Don’t fall for these common sash restoration myths

Original period architectural features like sash windows are something many people adore. When issues arise, you might consider the idea of replacing them. Before you commit you need to have the facts about the sash window restoration Northumberland residents love. Doing this will show you the value of a service like this. Don’t fall for any false myths that this option is not a good or viable one.

They Aren’t Energy Efficient

Unfortunately, there is a wide-spread belief that a fully restored sash window is still energy inefficient. The reality is far from this when you consider the value of draught proofing. Once sashes undergo restoration, they can be just as energy efficient as a modern replacement.

The design of sash windows provides natural air conditioning. This happens when you lower the top sash and raise the bottom. The result allows hot air to escape through the top and cold air enters from the bottom. Even if you have a broken window or you have painted it shut, we can help you get it in great condition once again.

They Are Beyond Repair

Do not assume that your only option is to replace your historic windows with newer ones. You might think that they are rotten or draughty and that means you should get rid of them. Many replacements happen unnecessarily and there are few sashes that we are not able to repair. Our specialist work can restore most sashes to their former glory.

They Aren’t Sustainable

sash window restoration NorthumberlandSome people end up thinking that original sashes aren’t as resilient as modern plastic windows. This apparently makes them negatively impact the environment.

However, this is far from true as traditional sashes can be more sustainable than modern windows. You need to remember that the sash has been a part of your property for a very long time, maybe even centuries. All this time there has been little need for repair. Once restoration is complete they will likely be back in great condition and stay like that for many years. Plastics windows may last a long time but they can wear, discolour and fail. They also take more energy to create.

David Humble provides excellent quality sash window restoration Northumberland residents can utilise. We can take good care of this property feature so reach out if you ever need our aid.