The facts about maintaining a uPVC sash window

Sash windows may be timeless in terms of style, but when it comes to their structural integrity time can cause a lot of damage. Once a sash window degrades to a certain point, they become irreparable, meaning that you will have to invest in a replacement. As soon as you start to notice problems developing, you should call for help from our professional service. That way you stand the best chance of retaining the windows.

Thanks to up to date methods of profile extrusion, uPVC sash windows now offer their owners profound all-round performance and the benefits of a more durable modern material. Alongside this they are very similar in terms of aesthetics to traditional timber varieties, particularly from distance.

Unlike a host of other windows, uPVC sash models don’t require that much work maintenance wise. The durable plastic frame should be cleaned periodically just like the panes but there is no need for specialist treatments. This makes them the ideal choice if you want a great combination of style and easy upkeep.

Sash windows of this calibre are also very cost-effective, giving an enhanced level of insulation, durability and greater aesthetics. If you desire a traditional sash design, but want the benefits of modern materials, this is the perfect option.

When you allow the window to fall into a state of disrepair, the pleasing characteristics begin to falter, making the need to maintain them even more vital. In order to get the best from sash windows, whether they are timber or uPVC, you should ensure you keep on top of the maintenance. This will also benefit you in terms of the ongoing repair costs.

At David Humble, we go the distance to ensure we provide the very best sash windows restoration services to clients all across Northumberland. We have the skills required to work on any kind of sash window, including the likes of the modern uPVC and more traditional timber models. If you would like us to have a look and advise you on the repairs and maintenance we feel are necessary please get in touch.