Stunning windows that last

If you work with David Humble, you can experience the sash window restoration Northumberland property owners enjoy using. We match our high quality, specialist work with outstanding customer care. This allows for a great service and we get to keep our stellar reputation.

Sometimes people find that their sash windows are suffering from rot and moisture leaks. This leads to them gaining a bad name and people looking towards replacements made of plastic. In many cases this is a bad decision as the property will lose its character.

What you need to understand is that timber sashes come with fantastic features and offer advantages over other materials. The craftsmanship is excellent and usually has very accurate joinery. They can also have great seals between the frame and sash.

Don’t neglect them

Anything can look poor with enough neglect. This is especially true with sashes. When they are in good condition they don’t demand a great deal of attention. Simple maintenance can reduce the likelihood of issues. If there is a problem, it may be easy enough to deal with it instead of having to replace the window.

Timber sashes have a long lifespan which makes them an incredibly cost effective choice. In addition they can outperform plastic models with their durability. They have the potential to last many decades and retain an amazing look.

Lasting Benefits

sash window restoration NorthumberlandA lot of people are surprised to learn that sashes are energy efficient. They can keep draughts out and provide effective ventilation instead of relying on air con. In addition they can offer savings on your energy bills through insulation.

Wooden windows are carbon neutral. Their eco-friendliness comes from the fact wood is sustainable. Also, when they eventually reach the end of their useful life, you can recycle them.

Sashes are a fantastic architectural feature so hold onto this important part of your property. David Humble completes the first class sash window restoration Northumberland can have confidence in. They might look old and tired but we can transform them and deal with any problems. With a professional service and new paint they can look and function like new.

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