Ensure your sashes are energy efficient

On the priority list for many homeowners is improvements in energy efficiency. It offers you both immediate and long term rewards. This includes being warmer and cosier, lower bills and also doing your part to help the environment. One way to do this is with the help of the sash window restoration Northumberland should be calling on.

What To Look Forward To

When you reduce the amount of energy that you are using to heat your home, you get to enjoy the fact that you have a smaller carbon footprint. Your lower energy bills are sure to leave you happy as heating takes up the largest proportion of your costs. This is as well as quieter windows due to noise insulation. You even get to relax in a warmer property with no draughts.

People often associate old buildings with cold. This does not have to be the way though. Period properties can be beautiful with their classic sashes and stay warm too. The fixtures can be amazing when you put time and effort into regular maintenance to hold onto this piece of heritage. You can then achieve the traditional aesthetic charm with the boost of smooth operation and ventilation that you can control.

How It’s Done Through Windows

If you have draughts or rattling windows, you should try professional restoration. It is highly economical, fixing what is wrong without awkward replacement that could damage the value of the property.

There is no need to lose heat through your windows with our first class draught proofing. This is the most common form of work we do to eliminate any issues. We can also fix the cord so that you can open the window for effective ventilation. Our perimeter sealing system speeds up our services and leaves the windows in an outstanding condition.

You don’t have to waste energy by letting heat escape through your windows. Restoration can make them amazing and bring back their former glory. This includes dealing with wood decay and flaking which might leave gaps in the frame.

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