Why sash window restoration is better left to the professionals

Through a large number of great jobs, we have built an amazing reputation. Many people know us as the provider of sash window restoration Northumberland can count on. Our services offer you a value for money solution for your property.

When you attempt this type of work on your own, you can end up doing more damage than good. You may harm the window, around where it sits on your property, or even yourself. Rather than risking this and wasting time as well as money, you should call us when you need a service. We plan extensively to save as much of the original window as possible, working with your needs in mind.

Working At Height

When working on a window, it is not always at an ideal height. Even on the ground floor it can be hard to reach up to the top with ease. Whether you use a step or a ladder, this requires the right set up. You also need to move the right way to avoid falling. When you add on the fact that you will need to be active and work while like this, the chance of injury increases even more.

Our methods involve the use of a perimeter sealing system. This means that we can take the windows out and complete any repair work without ladders. Not only is this faster, but it allows for high grade renovation.


When it comes to windows that are broken or cracked, glass is quite dangerous. Damage can come from the weather, a bump, a break in or another source. This is a priority to repair even if it is in one piece but with cracks. The importance of care with this is because it can splinter when you move it. It may also shatter which can harm you and those around you at the time of the job.

We know how to work with glass in various conditions. We will make every attempt possible to replace it with something as close to the original as possible.

Do you know what you are doing? David Humble has the correct specialist tools and skill set to give the ultimate treatment. We can carry out a large number of restoration and repair jobs.

When you want the high quality sash window restoration Northumberland trusts, call us. We can offer a service to suit every requirement, working to make sure we protect the original frames and any decorative touches.