The right path to sash window restoration

What attracts people to sash windows is their ability to stand out. However, this will only last for so long without proper maintenance. If you neglect them you’ll likely have to think about replacement. This is the least cost effective approach to take. We have a more suitable solution however. We supply the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Since sash windows are period pieces, it’s worth restoring them. You’re not simply making a financial investment in your structure here; you’re maintaining a piece of British architectural history. Many people believe that original features add to values. Others believe that buildings with these characteristics sell quicker. With this in mind, you must consider how to restore them.

Focus on big impact areas

Do a bit of research first. This will reveal the ways restoration can yield the largest impact. This will be especially vital if you’re on a small budget. You’ll also have to be careful if you’re focusing on the value to potential buyers. Windows are one of the ideal places to start anyway. This is because they influence the exterior and interior. You can fill in details like dado rails and ceiling roses later on.

The value of original

The golden rule of sash window restoration is to retain as much of the original wood as you can. Good quality timber lasts a long time and matures with the property. In addition once you renovate the windows, they will endure for ages. As a result it is crucial to save where possible.

At David Humble, we are very flexible and able to work on homes and workplaces. We like to keep things friendly here too. This way, clients can experience the best customer service we can offer.

Whatever your goal for your property, protect the windows. We offer reliable sash window restoration Northumberland clients rate highly. If you would like our assistance or a free survey, get in touch today.