Restoration provides many benefits

Although sash windows look stunning, particularly on period properties, they’re naturally highly susceptible to damage and rot, especially when they are old or have not been regularly maintained. Fortunately, our sash window restoration in Northumberland is designed to improve the condition of these windows and help to retain their integrity since they are such a vital part of traditional architecture.

As historical features in older buildings, sash windows usually contain their original wooden frame or a metal construction. The timber can begin to rot over time and metal structures can warp, leaving windows that no longer fit properly in the framework. In time, this can lead to rattling and draughts which are unpleasant to endure. However, there are ways to repair the framework to its original condition without having to entirely replace the window.

We’re well known for our specialist services and hold many years of experience within the industry. Regardless of what issues your windows are facing, we’ll approach the repairs with care and attention to detail to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Draughts are one of the most common issues experienced with older sash windows, and this can also lead to unwanted noises. Draughty windows allow heat to escape, meaning that monthly bills and expenses will rise, as well as your carbon footprint. We can eradicate this issue with our quality refurbishment service, as well as saving you money on replacing them. We’re able to deal with all types of sash window, whether old or new, and make sure that they’re completely sealed and running efficiently.

Every single type of sash window will be able to benefit from our sash window restoration in Northumberland, with increased lifespans and improved efficiency. If you would like to know more about what we are able to do for you, please get in touch with us.