Get your old sash windows back to their best

Sash windows are incredibly beautiful and can truly bring out the best in a home. They offer a fantastic traditional look to any house and compliment most properties very well. However, they can deteriorate over time and start looking shabby or posing practical issues. You may be thinking that your windows’ best days are behind them, but we can provide a renovation service to bring your sash windows back up to code.

With constant exposure to the elements, sash windows can easily become worn and quickly lose the beautiful aesthetic that they lend to the property. Where a sash window has had its aesthetic dramatically affected, renovation is often the best option to choose, particularly where wooden sash windows are concerned. When restored and well cared for, your sash windows can continue to give you years of faithful service.

Our sash window restoration in Northumberland is designed to boost the aesthetics and the function of your windows. We use a specialist treatment process and ensure that all important details are taken care of during the renovation process. We will take apart the sash windows to thoroughly clean them, and test every part of the mechanism to make sure that it works, including the pulleys and catches. All working parts will be maintained and every part of the window will be tested, cleaned and renovated.

If you’re considering replacing your old windows, get in touch with us first and see if we can help you without having to take such a drastic step. Our sash window restoration in Northumberland will help you to retain your old wooden windows without having to have them repaired or replaced with uPVC, which may ruin the look of your property. You can place your trust in us to revive their old beauty.