Caring for your sash windows

Sash windows are very beautiful, but often require some work and maintenance to keep them in the best shape, especially when you have traditional timber framed ones. The first thing to keep in mind is not to cut corners; if you’re going to maintain or restore sash windows you need to go the whole way and do it properly. Cutting corners here and there may lessen your workload and the price, but you can find that ultimately it costs you far more, particularly if you don’t get the finish right. You could even run the risk of damaging the property and putting inhabitants at risk. Continue reading “Caring for your sash windows”

Should sash windows be replaced or restored?

The windows in your home will often account for a large percentage of the heating losses, especially when you have old, draughty single glazed windows. Sash windows provide a beautiful and unique aesthetic, but are amongst the poorest windows in terms of energy performance because they often have gaps and the potential for developing draughts. If you’re looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and boost your insulation, the windows should be at the top of the list. Continue reading “Should sash windows be replaced or restored?”

Warm up this winter by restoring your sash windows.

Sash windows were widely used in Georgian and Victorian times. They’re not widely included in new buildings today, meaning that there are few specialise in the subject. It’s hard to buy a replacement for them that truly represent the period that they’re from and help retain the architecture of the building. This means that if you do own them, it’s necessary to take care of them whether this is through uniformed maintenance or restoration. Over time windows can become weak, susceptible to rot and lose their insulating features meaning that you should act even when you encounter a small issue. Continue reading “Warm up this winter by restoring your sash windows.”

Draught proofing your windows

If your sash windows do not have the correct draught proofing in place, this can result in various different problems for your property. As well as providing full sash window restoration in Northumberland and the surrounding areas, we can also deal with any repair and maintenance issues your windows may have, including the application of effective draught proofing systems. Continue reading “Draught proofing your windows”

The steps of sash window restoration

Sash windows are a beautiful and historic feature of many properties, but unfortunately they can sometimes succumb to problems due to ageing, wear and tear or exposure to the elements. In cases like this, you may be considering getting rid of your original sash windows in favour of new PVC replacements, but if you take this option you run the risk of your property losing its charm. Why not consider getting in touch with us to find out more about our services for sash window restoration in Northumberland? Continue reading “The steps of sash window restoration”